The Clover Community is a diverse group of people that are inspired to improve the world around them and leave it better than they found it. Our community includes not just our employees and clients but anyone who wants to make a difference, working together to make our communities a better place to live.

Imagine A Better Way
Love Where You Live


Our Giving Philosophy

Liza is passionate about supporting the community, not just with donations to your favorite charities but by sponsoring charity projects that foster connection, abundance, and joy within our community.  It takes a lot of help to make a difference but together we have the ability to affect change and make a greater impact.  United in our efforts; we can plant trees that will reduce greenhouse gasses, help orphaned animals find loving homes, teach children to read, give a family a safe space to sleep or put a meal on the table of someone in need.  Here are some of Liza's favorite charities.


Want to do More than Just Donate Money?

Join Liza on an upcoming project. We love having the opportunity to meet members of our community and work together to affect change.



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